Onions, Garlic and Shallots
When early man first discovered that flavors could be added to that bland, tasteless glob of matter that they ate to sustain life, one of the very first plants to be gathered and soon thereafter cultivated for the purpose of having better tasting food and to add to and improve other foods to make them taste better, was the onion. From the earliest consumption of wild onions and thereafter the widespread cultivation of onions, their use spread among peoples and cultures around the world, and as society developed, it become next to impossible to find a people or a country where the onion was not consumed in one form or another.

The onion has been cultivated as a food crop for over 5,000 years, dating back to Central Asia. These areas also saw the early use and cultivation of the onion's close relatives and partners in food crime, garlic and shallots. In China, onion also became popular and cultivated on a large scale in the same time frame - around 3000 before the Common Era. Onion varieties first popular in China were the bunch onions, similar to today's green onions or scallions, with bulb onions being introduced not until perhaps 2500 years later, when along with garlic they were brought in from India.

Beyond their use in cooking, onions have had additional places in world cultures, imbued with symbolic meanings and religious connotations. Perhaps the quality of onions and their pervasive use around the world developed in part due to this, as they have over and over throughout history been given the best fields for planting and rendered the best of care and resources in their cultivation. Some societies have immortalized the onion in works of art and various religions have used the onion in various rituals, even using it in herbalistic and shamanistic medicine. Vedic writings from ancient India say that …
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These were the words spoken by Tara McConnell, when she had grown tired, oh so tired, of cleaning all of the pots, pans, bowls, and dishes used while prepping, cooking, serving, storing and reheating meals for her family.
"There had to be an easier way…

"…a simpler way to cook, with less clean-up."
Tara McConnell
She found her answer with temp-tations®, the all-purpose, all-temperature, handcrafted kitchenware that simplifies the way you cook, giving you more time to be with your family and friends as together you enjoy your home-cooked meals without the drudgery of endless cleanup.

With temp-tations®, prep, bake, serve, store and reheat all in a single, beautiful dish.

Tara's creation, versatile, affordable, beautiful ceramic bakeware, goes from oven to table to fridge to freezer to microwave to dishwasher. Preparing meals was never so simple, whether you do it all just prior to mealtime, with so many less dishes to clean, or in advance, freezing your creations for quick cooking or reheating, and elegant serving, all in the same dish.

temp-tations® ceramic bakeware is nonstick, making cleanup even quicker.

See Also our line up of Serve in Style - serverware that shows off your great kitchen creations and helps make dining an exciting, wonderful experience.

temp-tations® Old World 6-pc. Stoneware Baking Set

Each piece of temp-tations® is a work of art, sculpted in one of more than two dozen patterns and in a wide array of colors.

In addition to bakeware, temp-tations® also offers a selection of beautiful serverware.

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