The story:

It was back in late 2000, when I decided that almost three decades was long enough in the pressure-packed profession in which I had spent my adult life. But, when I made this decision that summer, I had no idea what I would do. Purely by chance, I received a solicitation in the mail from some company that offered easy access to the billion-dollar world of the internet, and they were having a free seminar the next week. At that time, I did not know how to turn on a computer, but I was intrigued, and I RSVP’d, and attended the presentation, that included a nice lunch.

I learned from them that they had this great system that the were offering at a bargain price where neophytes to the online world could quickly put up a website, and make money working 10 hours a week.

You can stop laughing now.

OK. I bought into the system, hook, line and sinker, and about 15 months later, in late 2001, my first website, the original, was born.

Why Nifty “Kitchen”? I thought long and hard about what niche I would enter to begin my online career, and as I loved food and always loved to cook, and because I always thought that kitchen equipment was rather nifty, it seemed like a natural.

The original was built on the platform that I purchased rights to from this seminar-giving outfit, and over the next three years, I built five more sites. Thereafter, I learned that there were an infinite number of cheaper and better ways to build sites, and over the following ten years or so I buillt another dozen or so sites, moved most of my original six off that original platform, with modern designs and features that original platform could not provide. Along the way, besides designing and operating ecommerce sites, all based on performance marketing, I also became a blogger, and now among my sites are several blogs, where I am more than willing to write at length about politics, sports, green living, and other socially relevant topics.

Eventually, as I said, most of my original sites were moved to new platforms, re-designed, and modernized, but the last two, actually two of the first three, and the two biggest, were and Now, at last, I’ve taken the enormous time and effort to bring that first site, and still my favorite, and now the best looking and most successful,, into this decade.

So, after 14 years, there is a brand new, built around information and ideas, with virtually all new products related to articles, essays (yea, like this one), and hopefully, informative material for the purveyor of the home, and hopefully nifty, kitchen., and, and the final one to be totally rebuilt,, are some of my other sites. Other than, the blogs you’ll have to search for, as business and politics are not usually a good mix.

As I click the key to make the “New” live, not quite all the sections are there yet, but I wanted to get it live as quickly as possible, so there are also some voids in some product areas, and they will continually be added to and updated. New articles will be continually added, and new products featured as they are available to be included here.

So, that’s the story, so take a look around, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to me.

October, 2015, in Southern California