FTC Compliance

FTC Compliance

NiftyKitchen.com seldom receives any free product samples for the purpose of testing and review. In every NiftyKitchen.com product review, it is clearly stated how the sample product was obtained, that is, whether or not it was purchased or if in fact is was provided free of charge.

While any and all NiftyKitchen.com product reviews are done with the purpose of providing information to the consumer, NiftyKitchen.com receives a commission for products sold where the sales transaction process began with a site visitor to NiftyKitchen.com clicking an affiliate link and then being taken to a merchant site, where a sales transaction was then processed and completed.

Generally, NiftyKitchen.com will only receive a commission on a product sale where the entire transaction is begun and completed on the interest, with payment being made and processed through the merchant’s internal cart and payment system. However, from time to time NiftyKitchen.com will promote merchant’s products and/or services through banners that display a telephone number available only to NiftyKitchen.com, and if a site visitor telephones the merchant by using that traceable telephone number it is traced back to NiftyKitchen.com and if a purchase of products or services is then completed, NiftyKitchen.com also earns a commission.

More details about the process of affiliate marketing and the earning of commissions are described in our Frequently Asked Questions sections and if any questions or issues remain, you can contact us by email for additional information.

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