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Love Me, Feed Me: Sharing with Your Dog
the Everyday Good Food You Cook and Enjoy

Chef and food editor Judith Jones provides this great book for those of us who love to cook and who love our dogs, and who want to share the wonderful pleasures of great home cooking with our canine family members as well. See 50+ inexpensive and quick home-cooked recipes, such as Salmon Cakes, Wild Mushroom Risotto and Shepherd’s Pie that her dogs have thoroughly enjoyed. Jones explains the nutritional benefits of substituting or supplementing store-bought food with a diet of fresh, home-prepared ingredients and offers helpful info on portion size and about the latest research on controversial ingredients such as garlic (newly vindicated), ginger (use
sparingly), and eggplant (an acquired taste). When full recipes are too complex for a dog’s palate or digestive health, Jones gives detailed instructions on how to modify your pet’s share. Click to see various formats available. Favorite Book of the Month

An enthralling world history of food from prehistoric times to the present. A favorite of gastronomes and history buffs alike, Food in History is packed with intriguing information, lore, and startling insights--like what cinnamon had to do with the discovery of America, and how food has influenced population growth and urban expansion.

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