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For any professional chef and for any serious home cook, the most personal, important, and irreplaceable kitchen implement is the knife. Once you have found THAT set of knives, you’ll use it forever, treating it with the tender, loving care it deserves and needs to last a lifetime. If you’ve found that right set of knives, you’re lucky, but if you haven’t, or if you want to add on to them or have another set or another few extra knives, for that “guest cook” to use, or to take along on an outing where you’ll need to prep but don’t want to risk anything happening to your prized possessions, see an array of outstanding, quality kitchen knives, from popular, affordable and world-class manufacturers, whose names are legend in the world of cutlery, that include Chicago Cutlery, Ginsu, Global, Kyocera and Wusthof, plus a few additional stylish and dependable knife block sets that also add a bit of panache to your kitchen counter.

Now also available, the revolutionary new SharpIN™ Self-Sharpening Knife Sets, from Calphalon

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